Career developments

Mona Nehme has following additional qualifications that led her towards success all the way in her career:

  • Considering finance as the heart of industry, she had a strong focus on providing strategic advice to drive the whole business forward. She has a high level of expertise to analyze the performances of products and services as well as to make recommendations to maximize profits.
  • She has always created best possible financial controls and structures to enable other non-finance functions such as sales and marketing to streamline their expenditure thus making well-informed business decisions overall. She has actively participated in forecasting future profits and tracking sales performances against targets.
  • She has acquired fully fledged training and gained a professional accountancy qualification also developing her skills in management, persuasion and communication.
  • She has experience in advising on financial controls and helping colleagues make key decisions.
  • Her strong analytical skills and attention to detail has helped to make better understanding of the industry.
  • She has always focused on cost-effective solutions to be given to any problem, example, related to taxation demands.
  • She has ensured building up strong relationships with the clients and resolving financial matters effectively with them at good terms.
  • She has successfully demonstrated various organizational skills required in the industry such as problem solving, persuasion and gaining trust.
  • Mona Nehme has showcased her innovative skills as well at various stages where a typical approach has been found out as a better way of doing things. It facilitated awareness among everyone and encouraged basic innovation for improvements.


Being a management accountant, seeing a business from a complex global perspective had been her priority while dealing with all work issues and understanding the interaction of all the different factors affecting a particular issue has made her able to provide the best advice whenever needed. She is well aware of accurate planning, risk assessment and best practices involved in management, accounting and finance. She has experience in calculating computing costs and efficiency gains for new technologies develop IT systems for tracking financial performance, tax strategy, employee benefits management and she has also participated in setting up for acquisitions and mergers. With Audit as a core of accounting work, her career involves checking accounting ledgers and financial statements within businesses, public and not-for-profit organizations. She has also played a role of budget analyst and was involved in making negotiations. She has taken part in making long-term financial projections for an organization that may vary from week to week, therefore, here, her combined understanding of accounts and finance led to the right path. Working as an intellectual person in her entire career, she is proficient to run business of any kind.

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