Her Capabilities

Born on January 13, 1960, Mona Nehme has ascertained to have competence in accounting and finance systems, with high qualified capabilities in the following:

ü  Setting up and managing budgets

ü  Cost accounting

ü  Preparing financial statement s reports and other management information

ü  Computation of tax liabilities

ü  Credit and stock control

ü  Utilizing Information Technology effectively


Mona Nehme’s area of work is all about using her financial skills to help make business decisions and strategies creating a real difference. Her accounting skills deal with supply of economic information ultimately helping in business processes. She has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all business sectors and she has a good exposure to different skills including planning, management and strategy, in addition to her accounting abilities. This combination of practical and theoretical intelligence allows her to provide specialized and business-specific guidance.

To lead successfully as a chief finance officer, excellent communication skills are also required and Mona Nehme confidently handles all situations with her fluency and command in the language. With her good numeracy skills and resilience to be able to work long hours under high pressure, she has been successful to deal with every kind of work required.

She has good decision making skills, a good level of business acumen and ability to present financial information in an easy-to-understand manner. She has developed in-depth knowledge of the accounts and finance field in these many years that she devoted in her work.

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